VsPackage 2010 - Custom Tool Window using IVsHierarchy and IVsUIHierarchy

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 25. September 2012 16:58

Environment: VS2010

I am trying to make an extension with the following requirements

1. Need a tool window like solution explorer.
2. Double click on a node will open a custom editor.
3. The editor will NOT be linked to a file.
4. The extension should work with or without any solution opened.

So you can say it is like Server explorer. I came to know after search that i have to use IVsHierarchy and IVsUIHierarchy etc to implement this. I found some samples for that for vs2008 but was unable to find any basic tutorial/sample for vs2010.

I have downloaded Mr.Ed Dore sample for Visual Studio 2008 from VSX Insider, merged it with default package project created by Visual Studio 2010, made it working and upload it here. Please feel free to use it. HierAnarchy.zip (378.70 kb)  . Ed Dore is working on a sample where we can host our own control in toolwindow instead of using default VsHierarchy window.

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